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From Cloud Kitchen to Nationwide Success: A Journey of Growth and Resilience

Your journey began in May 2018 with the launch of Nagpur's first cloud kitchen, featuring unique delivery hours from 10

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Welcome to Peep Cafe where every visit is an experience! We pride ourselves on offering a unique atmosphere and a range of activities to make your time with us memorable.

Our Unique Features:1. Fresh Food: We believe in serving only the freshest ingredients, so you won't find any frozen food

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Physicians Association for Nutrition India (PAN India) Hosts Groundbreaking 13th Health Education Seminar in Bengaluru

Physicians Association for Nutrition India (PAN India) Hosts Groundbreaking 13th Health Education Seminar in Bengaluru Pioneering Nutrition Revolution: Transforming Bengaluru's

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Bandipur Tiger Reserve is back in the news

Unfortunately, for the wrong reason.A deer had been shot and killed by a poacher, near Gundulpet. The carcass was recovered

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Dapper and Dazzling: Derby Celebs Steal the Spotlight in our Gallery

Witness the elegance and charm as celebrities from various industries converged at the Derby. Our gallery captures the essence of

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Post-Event Press Release: Open Heart 2024 hosts Hon’ble Shri Ram Nath Kovind

Introduction:St. Joseph's University, known for its dedication to academic excellence and social responsibility, was honored to host the 6th edition

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CineChic Ep 2: Dress Like You’re Already There

CineChic Ep 2: Dress Like You're Already There Scene one: You’re fast asleep and warm in bed. It’s 2:00 a.m.

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CineChic Episode 1

Dearest gentle reader, today is a most important day for all and for me an auspicious one. For today is

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Jessica Hemanth Peter’s Artistic Ventures in Makeup and Film

Jessica Hemanth Peter's career as a film makeup artist and production designer in New York City and Los Angeles has

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Many call me Chandini: Chythrra

Q. What are your greatest strengths as an actress  My greatest strength as an actor is that I analyze and

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Q 1: Did you like acting since childhood?A: As a child, acting wasn't exactly my first career choice, you know.

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Dharmendra’s Keep On Keeping On, formula to success

In Bangalore's hospitality community, Dharmendhar, a multidimensional professional with experience in Direct Sales, Retail, Entertainment, and Hospitality Industries, is turning

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Lokesh Sukhija ( OIA Owner ) chills out with Fashion guru Ramesh Dembla and Celebs from Mumbai

As the beats per minute increased, Himanshu Kohli, Ramesh Dembla,  Param and Saurabh, Priyanka, Lokesh Sukhija, and many other Delhi-based

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The money-for-post business has to stop

#TCMS #kFD #ChiefMinister #EshwarKhandre  It was with the intent of curtailing corruption that the  Transfer Counselling Management System (TCMS) was

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